Committee Elections 2024/2025

Our annual elections to the Club Committee are next week in the TV lounge of the Members’ Bar between 8pm and 10pm on Thursday 9th, Friday 10th and Saturday 11th May.

The results will be announced on Sunday 12th May and posted up online.What’s the vote for?

Members of the Club Management Committee serve a two-year term, after which they are required to stand for re-election against any club member (of at least two years standing) who wishes to stdand as a candidate.

This year, there are four posts up for election. The existing committee members are standing again, and there are four new candidates. 

In the election, every Club member has up to four votes, one for each of the four committee posts being contested.

Please do come and vote and choose who you’d like to see running the Mildmay Club on your behalf. 

You must bring your 2024 membership card with you to vote.


Who are you voting for?


In alphabetical order

 Last Name First name Candidate statement
1Benton-Hughes Jonathan (aka Jonny Trunk)I joined the Mildmay Club more than ten years ago and have always loved its traditions and heritage. In that time, I have been an enthusiastic and active member: my events at the club, which include The Mr Vintage Fayre and the annual Groovy Record Fayre have brought in substantial income for the Club and have helped to bring in many new members. If elected I very much want to continue with events that everyone can enjoy while earning much-needed money and my aim is to make the Club an even more important and essential part of the local community.
2CampbellTomI am standing for re-election, having been on the management committee for the last seven years. In this time I have worked hard with colleagues to help keep the Club’s traditions, serving our members while also bringing in much-needed income and trying to make it a welcoming and friendly place for people of all ages. I have a background in fundraising and have put this to good use for the Club, bringing in more than £60,000 in grants from Hackney Council. If re-elected I will continue to look for funding to improve the Club building and run activities for members.
3EvansLucianN16 resident for 25 years, club member since 2009. Served on the committee for 6 years supporting various areas of the club including membership, entertainment, and staff management.  Now working with the entertainment team. This has included Discos, Jazz, Comedy, Films, Northern Soul nights and more. Recently set up an entertainment subcommittee to bring in new acts and entertainment. I enjoy my time on the committee and am keen to build the entertainment offering. I have given considerable time to the improvement of the club over the past years and look forward to being on the committee to continue this.
4HeatonKatI’ve lived in the area for nearly 20 years. Since joining the club it’s become a big part of my social life and I really value what it gives to the local community – a place where different people come together to enjoy themselves. Now I’d like to give something back – using my experience in marketing – to help the club grow and thrive. I really value the club’s fantastic heritage and I think it’s important that that’s retained as it finds new ways to serve all its members. I hope to have the chance to play my part in its future.
5JeffriesVivianI have been a member of the Mildmay club for 24 years one of the first full lady members my role on entertainment has been an enjoyable one. I bring the weekly bingo in my role, I am the clubs long standing historian, I organise the yearly coach trips, NYE events turkey and tinsel meal for  the maturer members. I enjoy making memories with all of the Mildmay members.  The Mildmay club and its members are my family. I thank  you  for your vote much appreciated.  Vivian
6JeffriesRonI have been  a member of  the club  for over 34  years  and  my priority  is  and  has  always  been the Mildmay  club  and  its members.  I am  committed  in my role  in  house  and my  knowledge  of  the  building. as  a  long  standing  member I stand  up for members &  local  community being  part of  its  history.  I would like  to thank &  show my  appreciation  to  all  that have  taken time  to read my message and  to  those that  have  given  me  their vote, very  much  appreciated.
7LyonsSharonI would like to go onto the committee to help where I can within the club I have been a member of the club for at least 15 years maybe longer and I have seen the changes for the better my job at the moment is I work for unite The Union in representing people to help them not lose their jobs. I would like to do more for the members in the club with more activities going on. I know there are quite a few more things to be done within the club and I’d like to be involved if it all possible if you wish to vote for me, I would be very grateful thank you very much.
8MullingsKevinMy name is Kevin Mullings I’m 65 years old  First memories of the “club” I was 8 most weekends mum dad aunts uncles cousin’s at the “club” happy  family memories. As a committee member I hope to help to ensure the “club” maintains the family vibe I experienced as an 8 yr old seeing the big hall for the first time. This time round I’ve been a member for 3 years. I have a background in logistic and security management . If I’m voted in I will try carry out the members wishes to the best of my abilities.


Election of Club Officers

The Club Officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer) are required to put themselves up for re-election each year.  This year, there are no challengers for these posts, therefore:

Tom Jones is re-appointed as Club President

Laurence Fryer is re-appointed as Vice President 

Dan Isaacs is re-appointed as Treasurer

Peter Snell continues as Club Secretary