Club Re-opening

Thank you for your patience.  We had no choice but to close the Club but we hope now to be able to gradually and carefully re-open.
May and her staff team who were on the government furlough scheme (with the Club topping up to full wages) have been working hard with committee volunteers to get the Club open again. 
With (a lot) of changes we will be trialling opening 4 times a week for 2 weeks from Thursday 30 July. We will then review, make any changes necessary and look to see if we can expand the hours offered.
Please do come and use the Club.  We will need to have 3 staff on duty at all times the Club is open and we will only be able to extend the trial opening hours if the Club is financially viable when we are open.  

Opening hours (for now)
Thursday 30 July 7.30pm to 10pm
Friday 31 July 7.30pm to 11pm
Saturday 1 August 12 noon to 11pm
Sunday 2 August 12 noon to 8pm
Thursday 6 August 7.30pm to 11pm
Friday 7 August 7.30pm to 11pm
Saturday 8 August 12 noon to 11pm
Sunday 9 August 12 noon to 8pm
Covid-19 means you will see the following changes:
We will only be opening the main hall where there will be social distancing between tables and limited numbers at each table.  All windows and doors will be kept open for airflow
There will be a limit of 50 people at any one time in the main hall
There will be staff on the front door of the Club to monitor the number of people coming in and take telephone numbers of those entering (for track and trace)
The main stairs will (save for those needing to use the stair lift) be one way up and one way down. 
Entrance to the main hall will be in through the main doors but out through the Tartan Bar
Tables in the main hall will be 1 metre apart and be limited to 2 people per table.
Orders will be taken at the tables and drinks served to the tables where payment will also be taken.  
Whilst we will take cash, for the sake of the staff and speed of service we want to be as cashless as possible so card payment will be much preferred.
Tables and chairs will be wiped clean between use by different members.  You will not be able to sit on the perimeter fabric seats in the main hall as they cannot be safely wiped down between use.
There will be enhanced and ongoing cleaning throughout the evenings the Club is open in all areas of the Club being used.  At the end of the evening staff will be wiping down and disinfecting any areas that have been in use.
The number of people allowed to use the toilets will be reduced.  
There will be no snooker or darts.  

There will be background music but no live entertainment.
Given the extended hours on Saturday and Sunday staff will need to have breaks and the bar will close for short periods during the opening hours.  Advance notice of closures will be announced to those present
There will be no entrance to the club 30 minutes before closing
Drinking up time at the end of the evenings will be limited to 30 minutes so that staff can clean up and disinfect that night for the next time we are opening 

We hope to have socially distanced bingo (one line for £2) on Friday and Saturday nights at 9pm and to bring the fruit machine up into the main hall.  We will also be running a Bonus Ball starting on Thursday each week and ending on Sunday.
Other Club News
We are looking for extra staff.  If you know of anyone who might be interested in part time bar work plse get them to contact May via
We have been carrying on with renovations and repairs and the new burglar and alarm systems are fitted and working.  
We have (finally after various trials) worked out the best way to secure the roof in the snooker hall and work starts on that shortly. Meanwhile the snooker table lights (and even some of the old gas lights) are being renovated to go back up when we can reopen.  Unfortunately with six weeks work on the roof and painting and then the same length of time on new electrics the snooker hall is unlikely to be fully operational until late October at the earliest.  
We have had estimates in for the (front) roof-works and also new guttering and damproofing throughout the Club as well as new fire doors where needed.  We will share those with members when finalised explaining what we plan to do and when but we are definitely going to need to raise money and that’s without adding the cost of bringing back into use the empty flats above the small hall which would give the Club regular rental income.

More to follow…