Snooker Hall Ceiling

On Saturday 21 July a section of the plaster came down over one of the tables.  The falling plaster hit the lights above the table, breaking the chains that held them up and causing the light to fall onto the table.

We have cordoned off the area where the plaster fell and are urgently assessing the state of the rest of the ceiling.  The plaster work is old and the very dry weather will have added to it becoming weakened.

The initial assessment is that we will need to bring the whole of the ceiling down in the snooker hall and replace it. The work could take some time and there will be disruption but the safety of members is paramount.

The snooker hall remains open for now but people play at their own risk.

In the light of the fact that there was an event going on in the big hall (above the snooker hall) with dancing on the night the ceiling coming down, until the ceiling is properly assessed or replaced the snooker hall will be closed on any night that there is an event on in the big hall on safety grounds.


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