Mildmay Management Committee

On Tuesday 14 May, following the elections, the first meeting of the new Club committee for 2019-20 was held. This is the agreed structure for the next year:

House: Ron Jeffryies as lead working with Andrea Jung, Jon Hatt and Jim Reid. Officer responsibility Sarah Eastham. 

Entertainment: Andrew Dumbleton as lead working with Jackie Matthews (who will be responsible for Saturday night small hall entertainment, NYE and Saint Patrick’s/George’s/David’s/Andrew’s celebrations)

Stock and Finance: Sharon Lyons as lead working with Stefan Mueller, whose responsibility will be bar stock 

Games: Chris Leeds will be responsible for the Club’s games, including the snooker tables

Communications: Tom C, Lucian Evans and Viv Jeffryies. Viv’s specific role will be increasing the profile of the Club’s fantastic history and making sure that what goes out on the web goes up on the Club noticeboards. 

Club Rules and bye laws – Laurence Fryer who will ensure compliance with Club rules and any licences we hold.

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