Covid update 29.03.20

Covid 19

The Mildmay Club has a proud history from its radical roots of stepping up and supporting its members in times of need. The situation we find ourselves in as a community with the march of the Coronavirus is another such occasion, and while we do not know how long this will go on for and how serious it will be, we do know that some people are more vulnerable than others.

We have identified 160 members from the Club database who we believe to be 70 or over, but there will be others with underlying health conditions, and we may be able to encourage them to make contact with us.

The intention is to either assist them with their immediate needs, or point out official or voluntary schemes that offer assistance on a regular basis. This might be shopping or just some regular phone contact.

If you are in a position in which you can foresee that you will need help in the foreseeable future,
If you know of members in your vicinity or other urgent cases, about whom you worry or of whom you know that they might require this assistance, please reply to with the details,
If you yourself would like to assist as a member of the Mildmay Club, you can also contact them directly. If you know of somebody you would like to help, but you don’t have their contact details, you can also get in touch and we will coordinate it together.

FYI, the council has set up a helpline, which can be contacted via or by telephone on 020 8356 3111


Mildmay committee

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