Coronavirus Policy

1.  There is a delay in symptoms showing themselves;
2.  People can be infected but not know it and spread the disease;
3. There is an increased health risk for those who are over 70 or have underlying health conditions; and
4. Other organisations are limiting events.
The Club committee has decided that as a social club we have a responsibility for the membership but also for the wider community and we should do what we can to reduce the risk of contagion. Because of the age profile of our regular attendees we should take preemptive action. 
With immediate effect we are to:
– Cancel/postpone any forthcoming entertainment events until further notice;
– Cancel Friday bingo after this Friday the 20th until further notice; and
– Accept cancellations from third parties who have booked events and chose to cancel (Labour party, darts league, cricket club) and offer full refunds. 
Until there is any government instruction to the contrary the member’s bar and the snooker hall will remain open, with members being encouraged to be cautious in terms of distancing from each other and to follow advice on hand washing. There will be reduced cash handling and staff may choose to wear gloves. The cleaning regime in the Club will be enhanced to include regular antiseptic cleaning of door handles and other communal surfaces.
We have a commitment to pay employed staff and we will continue to do so though we may find alternative tasks (such as deep cleaning of the bars) where there is insufficient member footfall. 
We will as a Club offer our help to local communal services for affected people in the area, e.g. members in isolation 

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