Coronavirus Update 16.03.20

Coronavirus Notice
March 16th 2020
There is not yet any government order for ”pubs clubs theatres and other social venues” to close but they are “expected to do so voluntarily”. 
The current government recommendation is that people should avoid pubs, clubs, theatres and other social venues.
The Mildmay Club has decided to cancel all social events with immediate effect including organised sports events, party bookings and bingo. 
The Club will remain open for now, however guests will no longer be admitted (suspension of rule 33). 
OUR STRONG RECOMMENDATION is that those aged 70 or older and those with underlying health conditions should NOT come to the Club for the foreseeable future.  
The Club’s position will be subject to regular review

2 thoughts on “Coronavirus Update 16.03.20

  1. Hello team,

    There are a few of us in the area who are now working from home and are in good health and able to help people out if needed.
    If anybody needs help during this time with groceries/prescriptions etc being dropped off, we would be happy to help out in the area around the club.

    Hope you are all in good health and staying safe during this stressful time.


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